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EUCOJUST stands for "International Association for European Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs”. EUCOJUST is a not for profit international association created in 2004 under Belgian law. EUCOJUST is independent from EU governments or private interests.


The objective of EUCOJUST is to facilitate the cooperation among European enforcement authorities on issues related to Justice and Home Affairs (JHA). EUCOJUST specialises on issues related to measures against pharmaceutical crime and falsified medicines. EUCOJUST approaches pharmaceutical crime from a health perspective, separated to any trade or intellectual property interests.


EUCOJUST created a European network of enforcement investigators and implemented several European projects:

The participation of European experts to the Pharmacrime events organised by Eucojust was mentioned in an independent report assessing G8 commitments on measures against counterfeit medical products. See section "health" of the online report http://www.g7.utoronto.ca/evaluations/2012compliance/index.html

Pharmacrime conference attendees

Participants at the first Pharmacrime conference